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Introducing RACKlette team member: Jan Kleine

My interests for super computing are both the hardware and software side of things. Writing code to run efficiently on hundreds or thousands of cores is something that has intrigued me from the beginning. Running programs on such a big scale is simply amazing. This is why I enjoyed the Parallel Programming lecture by Prof. Hoefler very much. There we got an introduction to writing simple multithreaded code and more advanced topics like MPI. But programming is not my only motivation, the system running on the hardware is something I also find very interesting. In my free time I often tinker with my server on which I host different VMs to try out different operating systems and software tools.

Hardware is also something I'm very interested in. As a side project I'm building an 8 bit CPU from scratch on breadboards, which taught me a lot about basic electronics and the basic low level workings of a computer.

This is why I'm eagerly awaiting the assembly and setup of our cluster this week. The hardware arrived at CSCS over the last few weeks and now we can finally assemble everything. For this we will go to Lugano where our cluster will be hosted until the competition in June. Our final cluster will consist of 4 nodes each equipped with two Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 CPUs and two Nvidia V100 GPUs all interconnected with Infiniband networking.

Team Member: Jan Kleine
Team Member: Jan Kleine


Written by Jan Kleine