RACKlette - HPC

On a quest for fast computations

We are a team of motivated students from ETH Zürich in Switzerland with various fields of interests around HPC.

Together we work on optimizing and tuning computations on all the different levels down from the physical hardware up to algorithmic performance optimizations wherever possible.

Our team is composed out of a rich and diverse mix of interests in parallel programming, system administration and system's programming, algorithms and complexity analysis as well as processor and memory architecture.

Our team is supervised by Prof. Torsten Hoefler. He made the project possible in the first place and supports us with his profound knowledge and resources in the field of HPC.

As a team we compete in Student Cluster Competitions and are currently preparing for the upcoming SC19 SCC in Denver, Colorado.

Visit our Blog to learn more about our team and our project.

To reach us you can visit Contact. And to learn more about the team go to About Us.


Our project enables us to deepen our knowledge and get an opportunity to apply the concepts and theories learned in lectures.

We love the contact to real world applications of our theoretical knowledge. HPC offers us many possibilities in a diverse and challenging package. Visits to supercomputing facilities such as the CSCS in Lugano make this fascination a physical reality.

Further, HPC is about making things go fast. And like anybody else our team is driven by the will to go faster and we are willing to invest to become the fastest!

We would also like to thank our Sponsors for their great support, which keeps us going strong.

We want to get the raclette cheese melting on our cluster!