RACKlette - HPC

On a quest for fast computations

 Alexander  Sotoudeh

I joined RACKlette because ETH didn't stress me enough.

RACKlette - HPC

We are RACKlette and together we push the boundaries of performance on our clusters to the edge.

Nedjo Babic

Computers are cool, but supercomputers are cooler!

Manuel Burger

I love the idea of performance and making things go fast.

Sophia Herrmann

Anything that can be computed, can be computed by a computer. we just do it faster.

Faveo Hörold

Without the wind, the grass does not move. Without software hardware is useless.

Lukas Kapp-Schwoerer

I am passionate about finding efficient solutions to complex computational problems

Jan Kleine

I’m building an 8-Bit computer on breadboards.

Piotr Luczynski

HPC is really fascinating

Marcel Maciejczyk

HPC makes it possible to harness the true power of computing

Niklas Römer

I needed a new computer, so I tried HPC

Rahul Steiger

I am keen to tackle real-world problems using HPC

 Antonia Unger

Imagine going from lifting 8kg at the gym to 512kg... that's how I feel about working with Emmi!

You Wu

FLOPS like a supercomputer, ping like GbE

Jinfan Chen
Jinfan Chen

- Here is our Asian team member with an affinity for complex math problems. -

Jinfan has been part of the team in the preparations for SC19 and during the competition at ISC20.

Thore Goebel
Thore Goebel

- Running systems and marathons -

Thore was a founding member of the the team and took part in the competitions at ISC19 Frankfurt and SC19 Denver. Amongst many other things the team was always able to rely on his great scripting skills.

André Graubner
André Graubner

- I enjoy tackling seemingly simple problems that even the largest computers still struggle with. -

Emir Isman
Emir Isman

- It is always fascinating to see the impact of computing in every field of our lives. -

Emir has competed with RACKlette at SC19, ISC20 and SC20. His profound knowledge and experience with Linux and cloud systems have always been of great value to the team.

Simon Jacob
Simon Jacob

- Being efficient is just being lazy, but in a clever way. -

Simon has been part of the team during the competitions at SC19, ISC20 and SC20 and has contributed with his knowledge about Linux systems.

Valeria Jannelli
Valeria Jannelli

- Being a passionate violinist, I am particularly interested in how HPC can revolutionize music. -

Valeria was a founding member of the team. She has been part of the team during the competitions at ISC19 in Frankfurt, Germany and SC19 in Denver, Colorado US.

Ege Karaismailoglu
Ege Karaismailoglu

- I’m fascinated by concepts and solutions built on fundamental relations between seemingly unrelated fields. -

Ege was a founding member of the team. He has been essential to the extensive optimisations on the machine learning models for ISC19 in Frankfurt, which has been a key to the team's success there.

Simon Wachter
Simon Wachter

- I like to apply concepts from lectures to real-world applications. -

Simon has been a member of the team during the virtual competition at SC20.

Our 2020+ cluster

Cluster Layout 2020+
Emmentaler Mark III

Our third iteration of Emmentaler (short: Emmi) with drastic vendor changes and even more GPUs


Following a recent trend and to satisfy our thirst for cores and flops we made some drastic changes to our cluster setup. We are still using 4 nodes, but everything else has changed.

We switched from Intel to AMD and are using their highest-end 64 core processors the AMD EPYC 7742. Each node is equipped with two of these poweful processors for a total of 512 CPU cores in the cluster. To accompany these 512 cores we threw in 512GB of memory on each node and 4 Nvidia V100 GPU accelerators for a total of 2TB of memory and 16 GPUs with 32GB of VRAM each. All of this is connected with a speedy interconnect from Mellanox, namely HDR ConnectX-6 adapters for a 200 Gbit/s connection between our nodes.

Virtual - SC20

The team has participated in the virtual competition of the SC20 conference running on Microsoft Cyclecloud infrastructure. The team placed 5th overall.

Virtual - ISC20

The team has participated in the virtual competition of the ISC20 conference running on hardware of the Singapore National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC). Most notable achievement was the teams second place in the machine learning task.

Denver - SC19

Cluster Layout SC19
Emmentaler Mark II

Our second iteration of Emmentaler (short: Emmi) with minor upgrades for even more performance.


Our cluster at SC19 was an iteration over the setup used at ISC19. We kept the 4 node configuration and our 8180 Xeon Platinum CPUs for a total of 224 cores in the system. The nodes were still connected by a Mellanox Infiniband EDR 100Gbit/s switch and our head node ran the Bright Cluster Management system software. We upgraded to 12 V100 Tesla accelerators (3 nodes with 4 each) and added 16 Intel Optane SSD drives to build a fast parallel file system.


Our team has placed 5th overall in the highly competitive setup of the competition at Supercomputing in Denver. The team scored 3rd on benchmarking.


Manuel Burger, Jinfan Chen, Thore Goebel, Emir Isman, Simon Jacob, Valeria Jannelli and Jan Kleine

Frankfurt - ISC19

Cluster Layout

In honor of the delicious Swiss cheese we named our team's first Cluster "Emmentaler".


Our cluster at ISC19 was a 4 node system. Each node contained two Intel Xeon 8180 Platinum CPUs. Two nodes were additionally equipped with 4 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU accelerators. The nodes were connected with an Infiniband EDR 100Gbit/s Interconnect from Mellanox through a switch. Node 0 has been used as a head node and ran the Bright Cluster Management software.


We are proud of having placed 3rd overall at ISC19 SCC and additionally won the special award for the highest Linpack run.


Manuel Burger, Thore Goebel, Valeria Jannelli, Lukas Kapp-Schwoerer, Ege Karaismailoglu and Jan Kleine